CGTN America
CGTN America 28 Oct 2020

Health policy expert on the impact of COVID-19 during the presidential election


Paul Ginsberg, Director of the USC Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy talked about U.S. healthcare and public health policy during a pandemic and a looming Presidential election

Joshua Williams talked about the global fashion industry, its latest trends and the impact of COVID-19.
Karen Cassiday, Clinical Psychologist, talked about the psychological impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers.
The coronavirus is badly hitting rural America's hospitals as many of them are on the edge of running out of capacity. Dr. Jennifer Bacani McKenney, the health officer in Wilson County, Kansas, joins CBSN to discuss the impact of the pandemic in small towns and the push back from communities over safety protocols.
From a new variant of COVID-19 to rising cases and falling behind on vaccine promises, the pandemic is taking a worsening toll across the United States. Chip Reid spoke with Dr. Dara Kass, an ER doctor and medical contributor for Yahoo News, about the pandemic.

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