MSNBC 31 Aug 2020

'He Slapped Science Right In The Face': Pelosi On Trump's Maskless RNC Crowd


"What further evidence does anyone need that this president didn't care less about the spread of this virus than to see what he did," says Speaker Pelosi of Trump's RNC speech. "Bringing all those people there, no masks, no distancing, and the rest. He slapped science right in the face." Aired on 08/31/2020.

A dangerous surge of coronavirus cases in the United States. What's behind the increase and why are so many hospitals being pushed to their limit?

For more, tonight's panel includes Dr. Jeff Pothof, the Chief Quality Officer and Emergency Physician at the University of Wisconsin Health System; Dr. Calvin Sun, an Attending Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine; Dr. Kate Tulenko, CEO and Founder of Corvus Health and Joseph Williams, a Senior News Editor with US News and World Report.
CNN's Brianna Keilar fact checks Donald Trump Jr. after he falsely claimed on Fox News that coronavirus deaths in the US are "almost nothing."
In this episode of "In The Loop With Christian Bryant" Christian Bryant breaks down the latest on the election and why this wait is not unexpected. Then, he heads to the field to talk to you about it. Plus: the U.S. says 'au revoir' to the Paris Climate Accord, and the pandemic worsens Gen Z's mental health.

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Agreed on November 21, 1995, by the heads of the warring factions in the Bosnian war, the Dayton Agreement brought hostilities in the Balkan country to a close. What does it mean now for Bosnia 25 years on?

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