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NBC Sports 28 Sep 2020

Has Cam Newton made cheering for the Patriots... cool?


Nora Princiotti joins the show to discuss Cam Newton's performance in New England and why he's made the Patriots likable.

Ryan Clark joins Ryan Smith on Get Up to explain how New England head coach Bill Belichick has failed as a general manager to secure the Patriots' future, but (1:23) Dan Graziano and Desmond Howard share why they're giving Bill Belichick another year or two to get out of this.
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Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith debate how the Clippers should feel about Kawhi Leonard, considering the assets they had to forfeit to bring him and Paul George to LA.
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In our show "#Correspondence", we explore how the world is coping with the twists and turns of #2020, amid the consequences of Covid-19 and beyond. FRANCE 24 brings you a selection of original #reports from our correspondents and teams around the globe.
Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith debate whether Cam Newton should want to return to the New England Patriots following a disappointing season.
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