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Fox News 13 Oct 2020

Hannity: Dems have 'temper tantrum' during Judge Barrett's confirmation hearing


Sean Hannity breaks down day two of Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings. #FoxNews #Hannity

Senate Democrats made the Affordable Care Act a central issue during the first day of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case against the ACA just after the election. NBC News' Heidi Przybyla reports on how Barrett's stance on healthcare may mean ACA is in danger.
Brit Hume, Mollie Hemingway, Chris Stirewalt and Julie Pace break down Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing on 'Special Report'. #FoxNews
During day three of Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing senators focused on questions about presidential authority, voting rights and her record as a judge.
Democrats used opening remarks to focus on future of Obamacare health coverage for 22 million Americans while GOP touted nominee as highly qualified.

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