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Fox Sports 1 May 2020

Hank Azaria on 'Brockmire' character and what it means to be a Mets fan


MLB Safe at Home welcomes Hank Azaria to the show. He talks about the inspirations for the character Jim Brockmire and details the misery that is being a Mets fan.

Todd Gurley reveals to Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson what it means to be a Falcon. Gurley also discusses who his favorite rapper is.
ESPN senior writer Wright Thompson and Scott Van Pelt discuss what they think it's going to be like when The Masters are played in the middle of November instead of its regularly-scheduled April dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If there wasn't enough to be worried about right now, you can add "murder hornets" to the list. The species of Asian giant hornets is responsible for killing dozens in Japan every year, and has been spotted in the United States for the first time. So what does it feel like to be bitten by one? Wildlife expert and "King of Sting" Coyote Peterson is known for letting animals bite him on his show "Brave Wilderness." He let a murder hornet sting him, and said the pain was "momentous."
Nurse Elyse Isopo is on her sixth 13-hour day this week at North Shore University Hospital, and it's taking a toll. We went behind the scenes at the hospital on Long Island that is so overwhelmed, they're turning lecture halls into patient care rooms. When she gets home, all she can do is shower, maybe eat, and go to bed to save energy for the next day. But before she can greet her family and pets at home, she has to go through an extraordinary disinfection process.

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