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CGTN America 17 Aug 2020

Gun ownership increases in Brazil under President Bolsonaro


Gun ownership has soared in Brazil since President Jair Bolsonaro came to office a couple of years ago.

It's now a lot easier for Brazilians to acquire their weapons since the government starting relaxing rules.

It's a controversial issue in which gun advocates seem to have the upper hand.

CGTN's Paulo Cabral reports.

Josh Enomoto, Contributor InvestorPlace and, speaks to CGTN about gun ownership in the U.S.
To preserve Brazil's Amazon region, the country has pledged to cut deforestation in half by 2023. In a recent interview with CGTN correspondent Paulo Cabral, Brazil Vice President Gen. Hamilton Mourão explained how the country will meet its promise.
Deforestation fires are surging in the Amazon, eliminating more square kilometers of rainforest this year than they have since 2009. In the Brazilian Amazon, fires are a common means of clearing the land -- land that is worth five times more without the forest than with the forest -- for cattle and soy fields. Brazil is the world's leading exporter of beef and soy, but there's also a high demand for these goods domestically.
There are preservation laws still on the books in Brazil, but Bolsonaro's cut funding for their enforcement. Spending on forest inspection in 2020 is less than a third of what it was in 2019. Part of the Amazon can be reforested but time is critical: scientists estimate that once more than 20% of the rainforest is gone, recovery won't be possible and the Amazon will go into a process of savanization.
The first wave of German immigrants disembarked in Brazil almost 200 years ago. They formed colonies inland and maintained their native dialects and tongues, while preserving them in a country where Portuguese is the official language.

Correspondent Maria Valls investigated this cultural heritage before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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