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Al Jazeera 18 Oct 2020

Guineans set to vote in tense presidential election


Voters in Guinea will head to the polls on Sunday to elect the country's next president, in a tense election that comes after months of deadly unrest.
President Alpha Conde is seeking a controversial third term after pushing through a revamped constitution earlier this year that critics denounced as a plot to sidestep a two-term limit on presidential mandates.
In an interview with Al Jazeera, opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo accuses Conde of fomenting ethnic divisions.

Al Jazeera's Nicholas Haque reports.

America's favorite Royals are finally breaking their silence about the 2020 Presidential Election. Megan Markle and Prince Harry spoke out on a video for TIME Magazine's "100 Most Influential People of 2020," which features Dr. Anthony Fauci on the cover. Markle urged people to vote, in order to have their voices heard. They didn't come right out and endorse Joe Biden, but Megan is known to dislike Trump. John McCain's widow Cindy endorsed Joe Biden despite being a lifelong Republican.
Votes are being counted in Guinea's presidential election, following months of deadly unrest and a campaign marred by violence.
The poll appears to have been largely peaceful but dozens of opposition supporters say they had trouble casting their ballots.
At the age of 82, President Alpha Conde amended the constitution allowing him to run for a third mandate, despite widespread protests.

Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque reports.
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