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NBC News 13 Jul 2020

Growing Concern Over Coronavirus Testing Troubles Across The U.S.


In states like Florida, California, Texas and Arizona, testing troubles are increasingly bogging down the nation's coronavirus response. Public health officials say skyrocketing demand is creating a shortage of testing supplies.

North Texas is opening four free coronavirus testing sites after the state passed half a million COVID-19 cases. Gov. Greg Abbott extended his distorter declaration so the state can continue to ramp up testing.
Paul Finebaum and Laura Rutledge discuss how college football players testing positive for the coronavirus is leading to concerns surrounding the start of the season.

Following Trump's joke about decrease in testing, Dr. Fauci was asked by Congress about slowing down testing. #FoxNews #TheFive
With coronavirus cases surging across the U.S., there are new concerns about large gatherings taking place in multiple cities with no social distancing or masks, including a crowded concert in New York.

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