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One America News Network 13 Jan 2020

Groundbreaking tumor treatment technology receives FDA clearance


Israeli medical device company IceCure plans to significantly extend its U.S. operations with its cryoablation technology to destroy benign and cancerous tumors by freezing. One America's Stephanie Myers spoke with the CEO of IceCure, Eyal Shamir, who explained how this is a significant achievement for the company and how the technology works.

President Trump announced that the drug remdesivir has been cleared by the FDA for emergency use to treat COVID-19. Daniel O'Day, the CEO of Gilead, who produces the drug, spoke with the president in the Oval Office on the breakthrough.
The FDA approved emergency use its anti-viral drug for further testing on those with severe cases requiring them to be on breathing support.
NPC deputies and party members, especially those who work in the health and wellness sector, are revising their current plans and recommendations for the Two Sessions legislative meetings - delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CGTN Correspondent Wu Lei has this report on one NPC deputy who is working on a vaccine for the virus and how drug research should work moving forward.
President Donald Trump continued to promote hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 Friday, despite warnings from the FDA against prescribing the malaria drug. Trump said the president of Honduras told him the drug is "incredible." (April 24)

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