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One America News Network 13 Jan 2020

Groundbreaking tumor treatment technology receives FDA clearance


Israeli medical device company IceCure plans to significantly extend its U.S. operations with its cryoablation technology to destroy benign and cancerous tumors by freezing. One America's Stephanie Myers spoke with the CEO of IceCure, Eyal Shamir, who explained how this is a significant achievement for the company and how the technology works.

At a recent technology expo in San Francisco, social trading company etoro convinced attendee after attendee to sign up for an account.
From TIME and Executive Producer Viola Davis, a new groundbreaking virtual reality experience.
Window technology opening up energy efficient buildingsā€¦
Medical researchers say they have developed a special molecule that could revolutionize the treatment of pancreatic cancer and vastly improve the odds of survival for those diagnosed with the disease. "America's Lawyer" contributor Mollye Barrows joins Rick Sanchez with the details.

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