France 24
France 24 7 Oct 2020

Greek court rules far-right Golden Dawn leaders ran a crime group


A Greek court on Wednesday declared far-right party Golden Dawn a criminal group, effectively banning a radical organisation that was once the third-largest political force in the country.

Three far-right activists have been sentenced in a French court after an Al Jazeera investigation helped convict them of assault and in one case, inciting terrorism.
An undercover reporter from the network's Investigative Unit infiltrated a right-wing group in the northern French city of Lille, filming two members attacking a 13-year-old Muslim girl and a third making a toast to the Nazi party.
The three defendants received suspended sentences, showing that the court recognised the racist motives behind the men's actions and their far-right ideology, but many French Muslims may feel that the sentences fall short of justice.
Al Jazeera's David Harrison reports from Lille, France.
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