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Associated Press 21 May 2020

Graduates optimistic as they face tight job market


As the class of 2020 prepares to enter the work force the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits since the coronavirus pandemic has swelled to nearly 39 million. Recent graduates are facing the crisis with optimism. (May 21)

Here are the top stories for Thursday, May 21st: President Trump heads to Michigan Ford plant; Trump expects new Open Skies deal after US quits, Trump attorney Michael Cohen out of prison; Graduates optimistic as they face tight job market. (May 21)
Sisters Noelle Broussard and Alexis Broussard, both graduating from college this semester, ask experts for advice on how to compete in a job market struck by the coronavirus pandemic.
Graduation season is approaching for universities around the world. In the United States, the college class of 2020 was preparing to enter a hot job market with the lowest unemployment rates on record. But that's all changed. So what are these soon-to-be graduates facing now?
CGTN's Mike Walter and economist Williams Lee to discuss how the pandemic is affecting the job market, especially for new college graduates.

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