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Voice of America 11 May 2020

Government Forces Clash With Southern Separatists in Yemen


Fighting erupted between government troops and separatists in southern Yemen, Monday, May 11, the first clash since the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council declared self-rule in the area.

Protesters have clashed with police in central London during a demonstration over the death of George Floyd.
Noon briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

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Tomorrow, the Secretary-General will be addressing the opening of a high-level virtual pledging event for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.  Something that we have been flagging here almost on a daily basis That event is co-hosted by the United Nations and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will start at 9:00am New York time and you will be able to watch it on the un web tv platform. Twenty-four million people - that's 80 per cent of the population in Yemen - need aid and protection. The humanitarian operation assists more than 10 million people every month. However, without additional funding, life-saving programmes will soon be forced to reduce or even close in what is the world's largest humanitarian crisis. 
A press conference will follow the event at 1:10pm, New York time. Media questions should be submitted in advance and up until two hours before the closing of the event on WhatsApp or by email to our OCHA media colleagues.  
Yacoub El-Hillo, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, said over the weekend that he was shocked by the horrific reports about Wednesday's shooting at a smuggling warehouse in Mezda, killing 30 migrants and injuring 11 others.  
He said that authorities with influence on the ground in the area where this incident took place have the responsibility to ensure that human smugglers and traffickers are not allowed to continue their inhuman and degrading acts.  Such heinous and merciless crimes against helpless individuals should be investigated immediately and those responsible have to be brought to justice. 
The Secretary-General notes that the relative calm that characterized election day continues to prevail in Burundi.
He reiterates his call to all parties to ensure that their words and actions promote peace and harmony among all Burundians. The Secretary-General emphasizes that any electoral dispute should be addressed through established legal and constitutional channels under Burundi law.
The Secretary-General reiterates the support of the United Nations to the people and Government of Burundi.
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos reveal why Saudi Arabia may finally end the war in Yemen. They also discuss what the U.S. government is doing to help millions of Americans survive the unprecedented economic crisis caused by Covid-19. Journalist Ben Swann joins the governor to talk more about the economy.

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New York protesters angry over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis clashed with police Saturday night in Brooklyn, setting fire to police cars and throwing bricks, rocks and fireworks at officers who, responded in full force. (May 31)

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