CNN 8 Oct 2020

Gov. Whitmer issues scathing rebuke to Trump


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issues a powerful statement following the news that six men were charged in an alleged plot to kidnap her, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sharply criticized President Donald Trump following revelations that he had purposely downplayed the deadly coronavirus. (Sept. 10)
The FBI arrested six men who they say planned to take Gov. Whitmer hostage over their alleged frustration with state restrictions imposed during the pandemic. Seven other men were charged with planning to target the homes of law enforcement officers and kidnap government officials.
President Trump slammed Michigan Gov. Whitmer at a rally in Nevada on Sunday.
After Gov. Whitmer enacted strict statewide stay-at-home orders in March, a group of protesters, some armed, flooded the state capitol as President Trump took aim at her on Twitter and at rallies.

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