CNN 30 Dec 2020

GOP senator to force vote on Electoral College results


Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said he will object when Congress counts the Electoral College votes next week, which will force lawmakers in both the House and Senate to vote on whether to accept the results of President-elect Joe Biden's victory.
Hawley is the first senator to announce plans to object to the results, which is significant because both a House member and senator are required to mount an objection when Congress counts the Electoral College votes on January 6.
The objection will not change the outcome of the election, only delaying the inevitable affirmation of Biden's victory in November over President Donald Trump. Democrats will reject any objections in the House, and multiple Republican senators have argued against an objection that will provide a platform for Trump's baseless conspiracy theories claiming the election was stolen from him.
Hawley's objection, which other senators may still join, will also put many of his Senate Republican colleagues in a difficult political position, forcing them to vote on whether to side with Trump or with the popular will of the voters.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has privately urged Senate Republicans not to join the group of House members who are planning to object. Senate Majority Whip John Thune argued against it publicly, prompting a rebuke from Trump on Twitter and the threat of a primary challenge.
Trump has been pushing for Congress to try to overturn the election result as his campaign's attempts to overturn the election through the courts have been repeatedly rejected.

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NBC News' Shannon Pettypiece reports on the demand from Republican senators to have a commision audit the results of the 2020 election despite no evidence of fraud otherwise they will object to the Electoral College votes that declared President-elect Joe Biden the winner.
Eleven Republican senators and senators-elect announced that they will object to certifying Joe Biden's Electoral College victory when Congress meets on Wednesday, citing unfounded claims of voter fraud.
Some Republican members of Congress have announced plans to object to the Electoral College results showing Joe Biden won the presidency. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes joins "CBSN AM" to explain their controversial move.
Sen. Kelly Loeffler says that she will object to the presidential election results when Congress convenes a joint session on Wednesday to formally count the Electoral College vote.

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