CNN 10 Nov 2020

GOP lawmaker on why he publicly acknowledged Biden's victory


Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) is one of the few Republican lawmakers that has publicly acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Riggleman shares what he hears his colleagues saying behind closed doors and why fear hinders others from speaking out.

Sen. Tim Scott explains why he sits at the Kiddie Table at his family's Thanksgiving dinner.
Ryan Tannehill joins Mike Greenberg on #Greeny to discuss why he's been one of the most effective quarterbacks in the NFL over the past couple of seasons, what it's like to play with Derrick Henry, a key play late in the Tennessee Titans' win vs. the Houston Texans, and more.
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Former Director of the CIA John Brennan explains the threat to national security that Trump poses as president and warns that Trump has "taken the pages out" of the playbooks of many authoritarian leaders he has observed. Aired on 10/07/2020
Malcolm Jenkins joins Michael Smith and Michael Holley to discuss his documentary "Black Boys," which is available on Peacock, and the NFL's protocols for COVID-19.

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