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Inside Edition 7 Jan 2021

Good Samaritan Gives Homeless Man His Pants


A good Samaritan helped a man in need by literally giving him the pants off his bottom. Daniel Richards and his wife Dominique were out for a late-night donut run in Fresno, California when they encountered a homeless man who didn't have any pants. That's when Daniel approached the man, and asked "if I were to give you these pants, would you take them?" The homeless man was shocked, and said he absolutely would. Daniel didn't hesitate, and dropped trou right in the McDonald's parking lot.

Canada's vaccine rollout plan has put the country in a good position to receive more doses from manufacturers, says Public Services and Procurement Minister Anita Anand.

Steven Traylor enjoys walking through DTLA to lift people's spirit. "A smile means a lot to me, keeps me going and makes me strong," said Traylor.

"This is as fundamentally corrupt as a pardon gets," says Chris Hayes on Pres. Trump pardoning Paul Manafort, his 2016 campaign chairman, and Roger Stone, his longtime associate. Aired on 12/23/2020.

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