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Voice of America 12 Oct 2020

Ghana Working to Save Eroding Coastlines


Ghana has an average erosion rate of about two meters a year with some smaller sites seeing up to 17 meters of erosion in one year, #beacherosion

Conservationists were working to save a large pod of whales stranded in shallow water off New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula Saturday.

"Around 40 whales were sighted and sadly 25 have stranded," a spokesman for the conservation group Project Jonah said.

Project Jonah general manager Darren Grover told reporters they were trying to keep the whales cool and healthy, and would try to refloat them during the evening high tide.

Pilot whales, which can grow to more than six meters in length, are prolific stranders and more 376 died in a mass stranding in Australia last month.

That was Australia's largest mass stranding, with around 470 pilot whales stuck in a remote harbor on Tasmania's rugged western seaboard, sparking a major effort to save the animals.

Med7 Summit: Leaders working to avert crisis in Eastern Med
Priscilla Presley, the wife of late great singer Elvis Presley, is on a mission to save this dog from being euthanized. The dog's name is Sheba, and she's been in the San Bernardino Animal Shelter for the past year. She was deemed dangerous after she attacked a small dog. "She's never bitten one person," Presley said, and yet the dog is only allowed one visitor, her 80-year-old owner Pepe Sanchez. Thanks to Presley, the 11-year-old German Shepherd has been given a stay of execution.
International Fund for Animal Welfare senior program officer for disaster response Jennifer Gardner joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the work she and her organization are doing, crossing fire lines, to save animals trapped by the wildfires raging on the West Coast. Aired on 9/17/2020.

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