NewsNet 30 Oct 2020

Getting Creative to Celebrate Halloween During COVID


This year, a lot has been cancelled because of COVID-19.
But for many across the country, it won't cancel Halloween!
Instead, some people are coming up with tricks to still give out treats.

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, families are making adjustments to their Halloween traditions -- to make sure the scary holiday doesn't end in a real-life nightmare. Two brothers who live in Washington, DC, helped come up with a candy slide, to help deliver treats safely to all the ghouls, goblins and Sonics who may come to their door. Parent Amanda Kurzendoerfer said, "It's a really good opportunity to do a project with the kids, to make it fun, to make it extra special this year."
While a pandemic might be scary, your Halloween celebrations this year don't have to be. Here are some tips from health officials on how to keep it spooky while staying safe.

From building chutes to setting up obstacle courses, Vancouver residents are coming up with creative ways of handing out candy this year to keep the Halloween festivities going during the pandemic. 
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