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Newsmax TV 13 Oct 2020

Get your head checked if you vote Biden


Longtime author and political commentator David Horowitz, and constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz comment on possibly hateful rhetoric they've witnessed from prominent Democratic leaders, what event almost led to Dershowitz leaving the party altogether, and more. - with Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo

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Newsy's Vote Smarter 2020 aims to provide you with all the information you'll need to safely and successfully cast your ballot this year.
NBC's Carrie Dann and Quibi Shawna Thomas break down new poll analysis from Quibi and NBC News focused on younger voters. Aired on 9/17/2020.
Former Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer joins Ali Velshi to discuss why he believes young voters will "show up & sweep in a new group of transformational leaders." Aired on 09/11/2020.
Niles Edward Francis, contributor to election forecasting site, Decision Desk HQ, and an 18 year old from Georgia, join's MSNBC's Craig Melvin to talk about how he got involved in politics and election forecasting at such a young age, what needs to be done to engage young voters this November, and how serious of a chance Democrats have at winning in Georgia. Aired on 9/16/2020.

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