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DW News 13 Jul 2020

Germany slow to condemn China's Hong Kong security law


The approval of Hong Kong's new security law, which outlaws criticism of the Chinese government, has sparked strong reactions from governments around the world. While Germany expressed concern for Hong Kong's independence, the country stopped short of taking a stronger stance against Beijing. Many in Germany believe the government should do more to support Hong Kong and stand up to China.

Some of the world's largest social media companies are reviewing their operations in Hong Kong after Beijing imposed its new national security law.
Some social media platforms have announced that they will suspend processing government and police requests for user data.
But Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the legislation would protect and not undermine the city's freedoms and human rights.
Al Jazeera's Sarah Clarke has more from Hong Kong.
The social media app Tik Tok has announced plans to withdraw from Hong Kong, as social media companies grapple with implications of Hong Kong's new national security law. Let's get the story from Alex in #TheCube.
There's been widespread international condemnation of China following a parliamentary vote to impose new national security laws for Hong Kong.

The legislation was drawn up in response to last year's pro-democracy protests, with residents potentially facing life in jail for taking part.

The UK's Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab described China's actions as "grave and deeply troubling".

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from John Sudworth in Beijing.
Unease is growing in Hong Kong about who will be the target of a new security law which China is about to impose.
The legislation will criminalise separatism, sedition and subversion, broad crimes for which there is still no clear definition.

Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown reports from Hong Kong.

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