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Al Jazeera 2 Jun 2020

George Floyd: Mass protests continue to erupt across the US - Live updates


The family of George Floyd has made an emotional appeal for justice, as protests continue across the country, despite curfews and threats of force.
Floyd's death has sparked days of protests - including in Washington, DC.
The US President Donald Trump has come under criticism for his handling of the tense situation, in particular, the forcible removal of protesters outside the White House, so that he could have a photo-op at a nearby church.
Protests are continuing across the country. Curfews are in place in many cities to keep order.
The protests have been mostly peaceful during the day, but nightfall has brought some looting and vandalism in certain areas.

Al Jazeera has reporters standing by in four major US cities: Al Jazeera's Shihab Rattansi is in Washington, DC, John Hendren is in Minneapolis, Gabriel Elizondo is in New York and Rob Reynolds is in Los Angeles.

Another night of unrest in the US with protests in some 75 cities, after the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody. The national guard has been deployed in a number of states. Curfews were extended in major cities as police struggle to contain the situtation. And there's been a memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis, where he died a week ago after an officer knelt on his neck.
Earlier in Minneapolis, a truck drove through a crowd of protesters on a highway overpass. Miraculously it appears only one person was slightly injured.
The autopsy found he died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression. Meanwhile, police struggle to bring the protests under control as Trump calls on local authorities to "dominate the streets".
Protests continue to erupt across the U.S. over the death of another unarmed black man in police hands. The National Guard has been deployed in a dozen states. And U.S. President Donald Trump has condemned the protesters, calling them ‘thugs' on Twitter. Wendy Mesley examines the impact of the president's response.

Protests against the death of George Floyd took place across the U.S. on Friday night. Some demonstrations turned violent.

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