CNET 13 Jan 2021

General Motors made the most of CES 2021, betting the farm on a new idea


Everyone's in, goes the new refrain, as GM slides all its chips across the table toward electrification with a slew of sneak peeks at their fleet of coming electric cars, and one that isn't a car at all.

Iceland is the most gender-equal country in the world, and has been for over a decade according to The World Economic Forum. While many nations have put in place measures to try and rebalance the books on the issue, it could take another thousand years for France to get there according to the European Trade Union Confederation. Ines Wagner, a researcher at the Institute for Social Research in Norway, gives us her perspective on the Islandic system and describes how the onus of proof of equality is on the companies rather than the employees.
CNET's David Katzmaier gives us his top TV picks from CES 2021: LG, Samsung, TCL and more! These are the craziest concept TVs, the fanciest TVs money can buy, and the overall best TVs that just might even come to you soon.

From dual-screen prototypes to kid-proof Chromebooks, take a hands-on look at the most interesting new laptops and tablets from CES 2021. Dell's Latitude, Asus' Zenbook, and more!
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world's largest consumer tech show - CES - has gone completely virtual.

And one big trend emerging from the show, is technology that helps us stay healthy in these socially distanced times. CGTN's Mark Niu reports.

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