Forbes 5 Feb 2020

Garmin's Software Can Land A Plane Without A Pilot


Garmin - with FAA approval - has launched software that can automatically land an aircraft on it's own with or without human indication. The software, called Autonomi, is currently outfitted for small aircraft and has major potential in emergency situations. Should a flight hit bad weather or get lost, the system has the ability to take control over the aircraft and communicate with the nearest ground control to get safely to the ground, even if the pilot and crew are incapacitated.

Teen drivers in Georgia can now get their licenses without taking a road test. That's thanks to an executive order signed by Georgia governor Brian Kemp. Because of COVID-19, the state is limiting the number of tests, making it easier for student drivers to get a license. For teens with learners' permits and no violations, it's drive time. The state has over 26,000 infections and over a 1,000 COVID-19 deaths, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.
Gov. JB Pritzker, D-Ill., discusses the president's Monday call with U.S. governors and why he says Trump doesn't have the ability to send troops into his state to end protest violence. Aired on 06/02/2020.
President Donald Trump threatened to adjourn Congress so he can make recess appointments without the approval from the Senate.
We know staying at home helps fight the spread of the coronavirus. But for many people, staying at home can also lead to deep feelings of loneliness, which studies show can lead to long-term health consequences. So how can you self-isolate without feeling so alone?

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