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RT America 13 Aug 2019

FULL SHOW: China moves troops to Hong Kong border


All international flights out of Hong Kong have been canceled due to ongoing protests. RT America's Sara Montes de Oca reports live from the Hong Kong International Airport. Meanwhile, the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty has set the stage for a renewed arms race. The United States has turned to the Asia-Pacific region in search of a country willing to host its missiles. But China warns it will respond with countermeasures if the US doesn't retreat. Iran warns that a US-led international military coalition in the Strait of Hormuz would only increase the "risk of combustion" in the oil-rich region. Plus, the US Environmental Protection Agency has ordered officials in Newark, New Jersey, to deliver bottled drinking water to residents who are at risk of exposure to lead contaminating the city's water supply. Anthony Diaz, activist and a co-founder of the Newark Water Coalition, shares his insights.

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President Trump is calling on China to find a peaceful solution for Hong Kong amid reports of a possible military crackdown. One America's Kristian Rouz has the latest.
Euronews' Cube team uses social media to analyse the US president's claim that China is moving troops towards Hong Kong. …
The Chinese Army released a video of mock riot drills today as authorities also sent a warning to Hong Kong protesters and foreign countries to not underestimate the strength of their central government. Beijing slammed the violence and riots seen in the massive protests over a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong. Rick Sanchez shares his insights.

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China has issued a stark warning to Hong Kong's protesters. Today a government spokesman in Beijing warned protesters that punishment was coming, and they should not, "underestimate the strengh of the central government." Hong Kong police also announced that they had arrested more than 148 people, the largest single day tally since demonstrations began two months ago.

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