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NBC Sports 19 Jun 2020

Frustration grows as NFL struggles with COVID-19


Rams coach Sean McVay is just the latest to voice his frustrations and concerns over how the NFL is planning to combat COVID-19 once the season starts.

Mike Florio and Peter King break down the NFL's plan for COVID-19 testing and explain where the league could run into problems.
A growing number of companies and organizations are asking people to sign COVID-19 waivers to protect them from lawsuits if someone contracts the virus. CBSN legal contributor Keir Dougall, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney for New York's Eastern District, joined CBSN to discuss.
While the world focuses on the coronavirus pandemic the original epicenter is now flexing its global muscles. China is working to extend its power by getting involved in conflicts with India and its other neighbors and tightening its grip on Hong Kong.
Mike Florio and Chris Simms wonder how the NFL will be able to enforce the COVID-19 restrictions to help keep all the teams and players safe during the season.

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