CNET 11 Sep 2020

From warships to the iPhone: Evolution of the gyroscope


The gyroscope has played an important role in dozens of technologies over nearly three centuries. See how this versatile invention changed wars, led to more advanced phones and even helped create the Mile High Club.

Mike Greenberg, Louis Riddick, Domonique Foxworth and Adam Schefter of Get Up discuss what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers must do in December in order to prevent it from being the final month of the Tom Brady-Bruce Arians partnership.
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Protests in Belarus have been going on for 2 months following a presidential election that is widely considered to be rigged. With no sign of demonstrations slowing down, a group of performers are bringing the power of song to the front lines of the fight. CBS News correspondent Chris Livesay reports.
Police raided the homes and offices of #France's health minister and its public health director on Thursday as part of a #probe into the authorities' response to the #coronavirus #pandemic. On July 3, the Law Court of the Republic - a special court established to try cases of ministerial misconduct - launched a judicial investigation into the official handling of the pandemic following dozens of complaints by doctors, local authorities and nursing homes. Focus on the Law #Court of the Republic.
For many, it felt like the song that wouldn't end, but the race for the White House finished with Joe Biden projected to be the 46th president of the United States. For a number of reasons, including the coronavirus pandemic, this election was like no other. Days of ballot counting resulted in a number of close states, with Pennsylvania tipping the scales. Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer explains.


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