Euronews 6 Sep 2020

French journalist who joined the police found a culture of racism and violence


A French journalist who joined the police for two years says he found a culture of racism and "banal" violence as well a force that closes ranks to protest a minority of rogue officers.

David Jolly, former Florida Congressman and ex-member of the GOP, explains why he believes Trump's constant attacks and fear-inducing language are not working the same way they did in 2016. Aired on 8/31/2020.
Police suspect the attacks could be part of 'ritual' because the animals are slashed and often their ear and genitals are removed
Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson and Paul Pierce look back on a historic week in the NBA following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
#TheJump #NBA

The fight against ISIL in Syria, an uneasy US alliance and being considered a terrorist organisation by a number of countries have kept the Kurdish people in the news.
So who are the Kurds? And why is there so much resistance to creating a Kurdish nation state?
Start Here explores the history of a people looking for a home and why the struggle for independence has pushed some to pick up arms.

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