Euronews 11 Jan 2021

Free speech row: Germany and France oppose Trump's social media ban


Germany and France oppose Trump's social media ban. #FreeSpeech

"We have to fight for the freedom of thought and the freedom of expression on our colleges and universities."

Vice President Mike Pence advocated for free speech on college and university campuses in remarks to Talking Points USA.
The Department of Justice says 97 federal charges have been filed, and the FBI has 330 open cases as new information about the Capitol siege comes to light. NBC's Ken Dilanian reports on the investigations so far.
Free speech only prevents the government from intruding on speech. The First Amendment does not give a person the right to say whatever they want on a private company's platform. NBC News' Danny Cevallos explains big tech's control over speech and allowing access to their communities.
Sen. Ted Cruz gives students his advice for how to "defend" free speech from those that would censor it.

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