Euronews 1 Aug 2020

France and Italy agree to unify border forces to combat people smuggling


Both countries' guards and officials will operate under one command to make them more effective.

The first-year target for filling the controversial mega dam on the River Nile has been reached, Ethiopia says.

This would allow the first set of turbines to be tested.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's announcement came as Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan agreed to resume talks over the dam, following a virtual summit.

The project has been a source of huge diplomatic tension since its construction began in Ethiopia in 2011.

Ethiopia sees the hydroelectric project as crucial for its economic growth and a vital source of energy.

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The European Commission is taking action against Greece and Italy for failing to comply with EU regulations protecting passenger rights.

Both countries were offering vouchers rather than refunds for cancelled trips - in breach of european rules. They now have 2 months to respond.
President Trump on Wednesday announced plans to send federal forces into Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque, New Mexico, after facing backlash for sending federal forces into Portland, Oregon, in recent days. Attorney Terri Austin joins CBSN to discuss the constitutionality of the president's decision.

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