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One America News Network 14 Feb 2020

Former Trump adviser launches 'Pardon Roger Stone' Committee


There are new developments in the Roger Stone case as some of the top brass involved in the legal battle has strong bias against the president and the defendant. One America's Jack Posobiec sat down with a former Trump adviser, who said they are fighting back.

President Trump addresses sentencing of Roger Stone while speaking with the press at the White House. #FoxNews

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Longtime Trump friend and adviser Roger Stone has been sentenced to over 40 months in prison. CBS News chief Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues, intelligence and national security reporter Olivia Gazis, and Politico White House reporter Daniel Lippman join CBSN to discuss the judge's ruling, plus the president's pick for acting Director of National Intelligence.
President Trump is praising his Justice Department for intervening in the sentencing recommendation of his former campaign adviser Roger Stone. Democrats are now calling for Attorney General William Barr to testify. AP White House reporter Jill Colvin, New York Times congressional reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg, and CBSN legal analyst Rebecca Roiphe joined "Red & Blue" to break down what comes next.
President Donald Trump defended the Justice Department's decision to overrule the prosecutors on the Roger Stone case and seek a lighter prison sentence for Trump's longtime confidant. He also refused to say whether he has plans to pardon Stone. (Feb. 12)

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