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Associated Press 20 May 2020

Former IS slaves try to rebuild lives


For Yazidi women like Laila Taloo, the Islamic State's self-declared caliphate meant death to their men, rape and slavery for them. IS no longer holds any territory in Iraq and Syria, but many Yazidis are still missing. (May 21)

Fire in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar burned through more than 600 makeshift shanties #Cox'sBazar #rohingyarefugees
Former Fort McMurray MLA Brian Jean's home has flooded, and he hadn't even finished rebuilding since losing it to wildfires. He says he's trying to stay hopeful. 'What do you do? You've got to pick yourself up.... Tomorrow's going to be a much better day.'

President Trump told reporters that there are "clear signs" that the strategy laid out by the White House coronavirus task force is working to save lives across the country. Aired on 4/10/2020.
COVID-19 isn't discriminatory when it comes to draining the life out of businesses. Companies big and small, are trying to find a way forward. Many thought business interruption insurance would see them through a crisis like a pandemic - but, they were wrong.

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