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CBS News 18 Jun 2019

Foreign Affairs takes look at last decades of U.S. global leadership


What happened to the American Century? That's the question Foreign Affairs magazine dives into in its latest issue. Executive editor Dan Kurtz-Phelan joined CBSN with more insight.

President Trump called former Vice President Joe Biden "weak mentally" and a "dummy" ahead of a trip to Iowa, where both are holding campaign rallies on Tuesday. The president also commented on trade with Mexico, the Mueller investigation, and North Korea.
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action limits what type of nuclear facilities and products Iran was allowed to have, but it's starting to fall apart.
Senator Bernie Sanders, 2020 Democratic candidate for president, talks with Rachel Maddow about he thinks Eric Swalwell's "pass the torch" remarks at the first Democratic debate were ageist, and why youth alone is not an automatic qualification for leadership.
Some climate change experts argue that a vegetarian diet is key to protecting the environment.
Sheep and cows produce methane gas - a toxic substance - and graze on land that could be used to grow crops.
But some scientists at a research centre in the UK disagree and are looking at sustainable ways of raising livestock.

Al Jazeera's Jessica Baldwin has more from Devon in western England.

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