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Al Jazeera 22 May 2020

Football matches resume in Costa Rica as virus curbs ease


As the coronavirus pandemic rages in parts of Latin America, Costa Rica's quick response to the outbreak has brought infection numbers down.
And now football matches have come back to the country - with fans watching from a safe distance.

Al Jazeera's Manuel Rapalo reports.

Schools in England in the United Kingdom are set to reopen on June 1.
The move is part of a phased lifting of a lockdown imposed nearly two months ago against the coronavirus.
Even though the schools will only be open to students from certain years, some parents feel the move is happening too quickly.

Al Jazeera's Rory Challands reports from London, UK.
Nicaragua cierra la frontera con Costa Rica como protesta
Shopkeepers in the city at the center of China's virus outbreak are reopening but customers are scarce as authorities lift more of the anti-virus controls that kept tens of millions of people at home for two months. (March 30)
President Trump has declared that COVID-19 restrictions could be lifted in up to 30 US states by the beginning of next month.
He said he would talk to governors on Thursday about the move as infections in the United States had hit a peak.
The US has more than 630,000 cases of infection and more than 30,900 people have died from the virus.
Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports.

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