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Voice of America 30 Dec 2019

Floods Wash Away Vehicles, Belongings in Peru


Strong floods swept through areas of northern Peru, taking vehicles and belongings with it, Sunday, December 29, prompting the declaration of a state of emergency.

Affected regions, such as Cajamarca, Piura and Hancayo, have seen homes destroyed and roads cut off.

Officials are still surveying the extent of the damage.

The floods came after a consistent barrage of heavy rain in Peru over the past few weeks. (REUTERS)

Public workers in Peru's capital clean and disinfect buses, Wednesday, March 25, as part of the safety measures the government has taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Peru reported 416 COVID-19 cases, and 7 deaths, so far.
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Canadian Greg Bestavros says his situation in Peru has worsened. Someone in the hostel he's staying at has tested positive for COVID-19, and now he has been told they will be under quarantine for up to three months.

Here's how hundreds of tourists from Canada, Japan, and the U.K. are going home after being stranded in Peru by the coronavirus.
Storm Dennis washed an abandoned ship ashore in Ireland that had been adrift at sea for more than a year, Sunday, February 16, the crew having been rescued in September 2018.
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