MSNBC 10 Sep 2019

Flashback: Sharpiegate Is Not The First Time Trump Made False Weather Claims


We look back to Trump's very first full day in office as president to the first time he tried to change the weather and discuss with Tim O'Brien and Michael Steele.

Moments Ago: President Trump addresses the press for the first time since Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill.
A great white shark was tracked for the first time ever in the Long Island Sound on Monday. This same shark was tagged near North Carolina on Friday and off the coast of Nova Scotia last year. Jeff Corwin, a biologist and wildlife conservationist, joined CBSN to discuss the significance of the tracking.
The U.S. government will execute federal death row inmates for the first time since 2003, the Justice Department announced Thursday, bringing back a seldom-used punishment pushed by President Donald Trump.
Former US Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford lambasted President Donald Trump for his decision to cancel a trip to the country after its leader declined to discuss Trump's interest in purchasing Greenland during the visit, saying the move is "not the way you treat an ally."

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