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NBC News 8 Feb 2020

First American Dies From Coronavirus In Wuhan, China


The Chinese government is scrambling to contain the coronavirus outbreak, with disturbing videos on social media showing its extreme measures to quarantine the sick. More Americans arrived overnight in the U.S. from Wuhan with no more evacuation flights planned.

The New York Times reports the deceased was a 60 year old woman with "underlying health conditions."
The CDC says the man was likely infected from community spread. Two other new cases were identified at a nursing facility in the state, also from suspected community spread, where officials now believe there could be an outbreak.
At least 20 killed in a shooting rampage at a Thailand mall, first American dies from coronavirus in Wuhan, China, and multiple U.S. troops killed and wounded in Afghanistan.
New York Times China correspondent Amy Qin has been reporting from inside Wuhan, China for almost a week. The city is on lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. She joined CBSN AM to talk about her experience.

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