Newsy 25 Dec 2019

FBI looking into ex-Kentucky governor's pardons


Kentucky Rep. Chris Harris told reporters that he was contacted by a criminal investigator last week about Bevin's pardons.

US President Donald Trump speaks to journalists about the possible uses of heat, light and disinfectants to treat the coronavirus. He also mentions the possible effects of hot weather on the spread of the disease.
Attorney General William Barr said Monday an ongoing internal Justice Department review into the origins of the FBI's probe into President Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign is not expected to lead to a criminal investigation into former President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden. "This cannot be and it will not be a tit-for-tat exercise. We are not going to lower the standards just to achieve a result," Barr said Monday. Watch his remarks.
Maria Taylor joins SportsCenter to discuss her interview with Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban and says he is looking to extend OTAs for players instead of camp to help prepare for the season. Maria also reports that Saban has been in contact with former QB Tua Tagovailoa and has given him advice ahead of the 2020 NFL draft.

A newly released transcript is suggesting further errors in the FBI's investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign. One America's Hans Hubbard has more.

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