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Associated Press 9 Oct 2020

Favela hires doctors as Brazil closes 150,000 cases


Favela hires doctors as Brazil closes 150,000 cases

The number of deaths linked to COVID-19 in Brazil has passed 150,000, the second-highest toll in the world.
The fact that president Jair Bolsonaro has been downplaying the virus - even after having contracted it - has not helped efforts to curb the spread.
Scientists fear that Brazil is only in its first wave and a second wave is coming.

Al Jazeera's Monica Yanakiew reports from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Brazil's coronavirus deaths have surpassed 150,000 on Saturday. Health experts worry about another potential surge in COVID-19 cases as the safety measures were relaxed.
Countries across Europe have announced new restrictions after daily coronavirus cases on the continent passed 150,000.

The World Health Organization welcomed the curbs, saying they are "absolutely essential" to stop COVID-19 from overwhelming hospitals.

All bars and restaurants have been ordered to close in Belgium, while restrictions on social contact have been introduced in Italy.
With more than five million confirmed COVID-19 cases, Brazilian public health officials are warning of a possible second wave.

The country is approaching 150,000 deaths - the highest pandemic death rate in Latin America, and the world's second highest COVID-19 death toll after the United States.Public health officials say if people resume normal activities too quickly, infections could spike again.

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