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Voice of America 5 Aug 2020

Famous NYC Public Library Lions Put on Masks


Iconic felines traditionally wear wreaths at Christmas time, but this year, their accessories - face masks - arrive early and won't change depending on the season #NYCpubliclibrary #stonelions

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the latest on the coronavirus, with Cuomo saying that President Trump's shift in tone is a "good sign" and that he should "take the next step" and issue a federal executive order on masks. Cuomo says that testing delays remain a "serious problem" months into the pandemic, and that some states should re-enter shutdowns. Cuomo also says that he recently spoke with Trump, and told him that he could see no justification for federal troops in New York City. Aired on 07/22/2020.
A university in Germany held a series of crowded pop concerts to find out how attendees could spread the coronavirus and whether large events can be safely resumed. Some 1,500 volunteers attended the first of the indoor concerts of German singer Tim Bendzko in the city of Leipzig. The well-known singer agreed to give three performances, allowing scientists to try out different social-distancing scenarios for each concert. Volunteers were equipped with contact tracers to record their movement and track the path of the aerosols they emitted. Fluorescent disinfectants were used to show the scientists which surfaces people touched the most. The researchers from the University Medical Center in Halle expect the results of their study in four to six weeks. Most events with big crowds have been put on hold around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Germany, large gatherings are banned until at least November.
When a boulder fell on train tracks near Glenwood Springs, Colorado, an Amtrak train full of passengers was delayed for hours. So the conductor decided to spontaneously buy a guitar and put on a concert with a singer who was on board.
In this edition of Musica on Euronews, opera soprano Sonya Yoncheva puts on a unique performance in Berlin with an array of international musicians.

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