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Inside Edition 18 Sep 2020

Family BBQ Turns Into COVID-19 Outbreak


It was a family backyard barbecue that turned into a COVID-19 nightmare. Tina Smith says her family hadn't seen each other in months when they got together in her sister's backyard near San Bernardino, California. No one was showing any symptoms, and they stayed outdoors the whole time - though there were a few hugs and social distancing was not practiced. Soon, 10 of the 12 attendees had contacted the virus. Tina was hospitalized for three weeks, and her husband was in the ICU for two months.

Jay Glazer discusses the NFL's investigation into the Tennessee Titans after a COVID-19 outbreak. Plus, hear what Jay has to say about New England Patriot QB Cam Newton contracting the virus, and the NFL's plan moving forward.
Mike Vrabel and the Titans are easing into an unusual return after getting hit with a COVID-19 outbreak and missing Week 4.
The Thanksgiving night matchup between the Ravens and the Steelers was moved to Sunday afternoon because of a COVID-19 outbreak within Baltimore.
Thousands of Ethiopians who fled the fighting in Tigray to camps in Sudan face a new threat - a COVID-19 outbreak

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