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The Guardian 30 Jan 2020

Faith, fathers and fresh fades


In this episode of Modern Masculinity, the Guardian journalist Iman Amrani speaks to Mark Maciver, who owns the barber shop SliderCuts in Hackney, London. His clients include the boxer Anthony Joshua and the musician Stormzy, but his shop is also a vital community fixture. Maciver is a role model, mentor and author of a book on business, Shaping Up Culture. Iman, Mark and clients discuss therapy, the father/son relationship and how faith and belief in God can provide strength for some men.

Donald Trump Jr. comments on the importance of safety in communities, support for police and law enforcement across the country, the stances of his father's and how they stand in contrast to Joe Biden and the 'radical left,' how the Republican party is 'open for everyone,' and more. - via Newsmax TV's coverage of the 2020 RNC

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Jacob Blake's shooting by a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week has sparked a new wave of outrage and fresh charges of systemic racism. In an interview with CGTN reporter Liu Xiaoqian, Blake's father spoke on systemic racism in the U.S. today while demanding for justice.
Former FBI special agent Clint Watts and former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance discuss Donald Trump's assault on democracy.
Vietnam's Nguyen Van Chien has gone almost 80 years without a haircut.

The 92-year-old from the southern Mekong Delta region sports a thick dreadlock that is five meters long because he adheres to a near-obsolete faith that prescribes leaving untouched what a person is born with. The tip of the dreadlock is a reminder of the sleek black hair of Chien's youth and it gradually fades to an almost-platinum white at the roots. 

"I believe if I cut my hair I will die. I see it that way so I dare not to change anything, not even combing it," Chien told Reuters in his village about 80 kilometers west of Ho Chi Minh City.

Chien, who lives in a small wooden house, worships nine powers and seven gods. He believes it is his calling to grow his hair and he keeps his thick, matted hair dry and coiled neatly atop his head, covered by a cloth hat.


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