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Voice of America 7 Jan 2021

Facing Threats of Removal, Trump Says He is 'Outraged' by Violence


The president acknowledges a new administration will be inaugurated and commits to a smooth transition of power

After months of fighting the election results and misleading his supporters with baseless fraud claims, President Trump admitted publicly he will be leaving the White House. He made the remarks in a video posted online, in which he also condemned the deadly violence at the Capitol. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joined "CBSN AM" with the latest.
"Donald Trump is trying to spread all this misinformation -- he's even said it'll get cooler. But his own scientists say that we're going to continue to break record temperatures."

Sen. Chuck Schumer slammed President Trump's stance on climate change while speaking virtually with Bill Nye
President Trump says he does not plan to attend the inauguration of his successor, President-elect Joe Biden. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy spoke to CBSN's Tanya Rivero about Mr. Trump's final days in office.
President Trump says he'll head to Georgia on Saturday to campaign for Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

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