Euronews 8 Apr 2020

Eurozone rescue plan: North-South divide persists as ministers meet over financial aid plan


Economic deadlock - Divisions over the so-called Coronabond bailout continue to weigh heavy on the meeting of European finance ministers. We'll have the latest.

It would be a 'huge self-inflicted crisis' if Eurozone countries fail to agree a financial package to fund the coronavirus response, an economist has told Euronews.…
The European Union could use its seven-year budgetary plan to tackle inequalities that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading European thinktank Bruegel says.…

Employees at a Smithfield pork processing plant in South Dakota where a coronavirus outbreak infected over 800 people saw something new as they showed up to work. They were greeted Wednesday by nearly a dozen Sioux Falls residents with thank you signs and cheers. (May 20)

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