Euronews 9 Nov 2020

Europe's week: US elections test both American and European unity


As Americans finally voted for their next president, experts on US and European relations explain what the result could mean for the continent.

In the US, the Native American community comprises a small, but potentially important group of voters.
Some analysts say Native American voters in swing states could sway the results of the presidential election.
But many face a numerous obstacles, as they try to cast their votes.
Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports.

With less than three days to go until the 2020 US presidential election, both candidates are making a final push in key battleground states.
US President Donald Trump went to four rallies in the state of Pennsylvania in just 10 hours.
His Democratic challenger Joe Biden toured Michigan state, with the help of former President Barack Obama.

Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett reports from Reading in the US state of Pennsylvania.
A look back at Europe's week with our team in Brussels.

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