Euronews 10 Jan 2021

Europe's week: 'democracy is not a given, we have to protect it' says French MEP Loiseau


When Donald Trump took office four years ago, he deplored the divisions in society and railed against "American carnage".

This week, his strangely dark vision became reality.

After whipping his cult of followers into a frenzy by feeding them conspiracy theories, a pro-Trump mob stormed Capitol Hill, the heart of American democracy.

Inside Congress, lawmakers were about to certify Joe Biden's victory - and Trump's loss.

European leaders reacted with shock and disbelief - and the realization that Trump has not understood the nature of his job.

Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says that voting rights should be one of the top priorities for the incoming Biden Administration: "We have to recognize that this country is still on the path to democracy. Voter suppression did not start with Trump, it's been around for quite a long time. And we have to get on with urgency to the democracy issues that have left us so vulnerable." Aired on 01/18/2021.
Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta tells Andrea Mitchell that he finds it "difficult" to say it's okay to grant a waiver to Jim Mattis but not Gen. Lloyd Austin to serve as the first Black Defense Secretary, though he says Congress should consider doing away with the waiver to stick to the "principle of civilian leadership" at the Pentagon. He also says that President Trump's attempts to overturn the election are "sending a terrible message abroad...about the ability of our democracy to function." Aired on 12/11/2020.
The #Covid-19 #pandemic has brought inequality into sharp relief. When it comes to dealing with the virus and with economic recovery, disparities are obvious between richer and poorer countries and between different regions within the same country. This week we speak to Elisa Ferreira, the Commissioner for cohesion policy, a crucial instrument in the #EU's toolbox as the bloc tries to bounce back from the crisis. Before joining the von der Leyen Commission, she held senior posts at the Bank of Portugal and in the Portuguese government and also served as an MEP.
"Covid has been a real test of us morally as a society about who we value and what we value and how we value that. And we're failing that test. We're failing it," says Chris Hayes, discussing long-term care facilities. Aired on 12/2/2020.

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