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Voice of America 3 Aug 2020

Europe Scrambles to Stop Second Wave Of COVID-19


Lockdown measures are being re-imposed in parts of Europe as fears grow of a second wave of coronavirus infections. European nations were among the hardest hit in March and April, prompting strict measures to control the spread of the disease. Some scientists say the measures were lifted too soon - and warn that hard choices lie ahead, as Henry Ridgwell reports from London.

Camera: Henry Ridgwell     Produced by Henry Ridgwell

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed new restrictions as the country battles a second wave of the coronavirus. CBS News contributor Simon Bates has our latest edition of "London Calling."
In Marseille intensive care units are either full or about to reach saturation because of COVID-19.

Hospitals have issued an urgent appeal for doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians from across France to come to Marseille to help.
The death toll from COVID-19 is about to surpass one million people around the world. And there are fears that a second wave is just around the corner. To discuss the impact of the coronavirus in the U.S. and around the world, tonight's panels include Dr. William Moss, Executive Director at International Vaccine Access Center; Dr. Calvin Sun, emergency room physician and a professor in emergency medicine, Dr. Bharat Pankhania, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter and an expert on communicable disease control and Maria Paula Carvalho is a journalist and author.
In Germany, rapidly rising coronavirus infections have prompted action from the authorities. The capital Berlin has joined Frankfurt and Cologne on the list of cities where new cases have exceeded a key measure. Bars and restaurants have to close early, but there's some doubt about whether the new restrictions will be enough to stop the spike.
France is struggling to contain a drastic rise in coronavirus cases. Officials reported a record 20,000 infections on Friday alone. The government imposed one of Europe's strictest lockdowns back in the spring and has stepped up its testing program. But despite these efforts, they weren't able to stop the onset of a second wave.
Confirmed coronavirus cases in India are nearing 7 million, but there are hopes the rate of new infections is slowing.
Authorities are warning that Europe's second wave of infections has struck well before the flu season has even started. They point to widespread "COVID-19 fatigue" among populations.
And everywhere in Poland, it has now become compulsory for people to wear a mask outdoors. Infections have also hit a new record high.

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