Euronews 30 Oct 2020

Europe has now had more than 10 million coronavirus cases, says WHO


It comes as new restrictions are implemented across Europe, including a fresh lockdown in France.

Many US states are seeing historic levels of early voting three weeks before the November 3 presidential elections.
More than 10 million people have already mailed in or dropped off their votes in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
President Trump has repeatedly criticised mail-in voting, claiming it leads to fraud.

Al Jazeera's Andy Gallacher reports from Miami, Florida, US.
The U.S. has added more than one million Covid-19 infections in just the last week. Dr. Anthony Fauci warns Americans should expect more state restrictions.
The United States surpassed more than 11 million Covid-19 on Sunday, as the third wave of the virus continued its uncontrolled spread. Mika Brzezsinki has the latest details. Aired on 11/16/2020.
Archaeologists made quite the discovery when they dug up more than 100 coffins from a popular excavation site in Egypt. "Today, we are announcing the discovery of more than 100 sealed, coloured, intact human coffins," said Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled al Anany. "All of this work you see is the result of the work and excavation of my colleagues working for the Supreme Council of Antiquities." Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer has the details.

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