France 24
France 24 11 Jan 2021

Europe faces dark reality in the fight against Covid-19


#Coronavirus infections have now surpassed 90 million confirmed cases around the world, as more countries braced for wider spread of more virulent strains of a disease that has now killed nearly 2 million worldwide. Charlie James reports across #Europe, where nations are struggling to bring the #pandemic under control.

CGTN's Frances Kuo talks to Carlos Zambrano, an infectious disease specialist from the Loretto Hospital, about the UK COVID-19 variant, U.S. spikes, the latest on the vaccines and more.
As history was made with the rollout of the new COVID-19 vaccine, Sky spoke to those who received the first jabs.

Respiratory therapist Andrea Britchford and nurse Kathleen Saunders at Toronto General Hospital say they're feeling anxious and exhausted as they continue to care for their patients while COVID-19 cases across Ontario continue to rise. Hospitals are warning that intensive care units are reaching maximum capacity and threatening to overwhelm the health-care system if nothing changes.  

COVID-19 does much of its damage inside the lungs. Inflammation, impaired lung function and pneumonia often make these patients the sickest of the sick. But that's where Respiratory therapists come in to help.

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