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Eta makes its 4th landfall, ending its week-long journey of destruction


Tropical storm Eta made landfall for its last time today just to the south of Cedar Key, Florida at 4 am. It first made landfall in Central America last week and as a Category 4 hurricane, then in Cuba and in Florida's Lower Matecumbe Key late Sunday.

Tropical Storm Eta hasn't let up yet as it's on the path to hit Florida, brining along torrential rain and hazardous storm surge. Tornado warnings were also in effect. CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN's Lana Zak with the latest.
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Tropical Storm Eta has hit Florida, bringing with it heavy rain and strong winds that forecasters fear may lead to storm surges and flash flooding.

Schools, beaches and public transport in much of the southern part of the state were shut before Eta made landfall late on Sunday in Lower Matecumbe Key in the Florida Keys.

Eta has already wreaked devastation in parts of Central America.

It passed through Cuba before making landfall in Florida.

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