CNN 13 Jul 2020

Erin Burnett: Fauci opens his mouth with facts, Trump does not


CNN's Erin Burnett says Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Trump are on completely different pages as Covid-19 cases continue to rapidly increase in the US.

CNN's Erin Burnett discusses the latest coronavirus numbers as the United States reaches the highest seven-day average of cases since the start of the pandemic.
Dr. Anthony Fauci is standing up for himself after President Trump launched a late night attack on his integrity. "Dr. Fauci has misled the American public on many issues," he tweeted. When asked about the tweet on "Good Morning America," Fauci took the high road, saying, "I have not been misleading the American public under any circumstances." Trump also retweeted a video of a doctor claiming hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19, which was removed by Twitter for spreading false information.
Dr. Anthony Fauci gives his take on if there is a need to lock down the US again to help fight the spread of Covid-19.
Tim Hasselbeck, Jeff Saturday and Kimberley Martin react to QB Aaron Rodgers addressing his future with the Green Bay Packers.
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